Product Defence In BRC Global Standards

Within the food industry, numerous terms describe product defence, including threat assessment, malicious contamination, and food defence itself. The BRC Global Standards (formerly BRCGS) encompass these concepts, emphasising the protection of your product, premises, and brand from deliberate harm.

By adhering to BRC standards and conducting thorough risk assessments, you can mitigate potential threats and safeguard your business. Furthermore, adhering to BRC standards and conducting thorough risk assessments not only protects your product from malicious activity but also bolsters your reputation and brand, which, as BRC highlights, are intertwined.

BRC standards, like the GFSI ones, act as a shield for your business, preventing negative media attention, costly product recalls, and even operational shutdowns due to malicious intent. However, competent personnel must conduct a robust risk assessment for effective implementation.

While some countries, like the USA, mandate specific food defence training, the BRC leaves the method of achieving competency to your discretion, but not here in the UK or Europe. Training is a recommended approach, but you can tailor it to your specific needs.

Remember, a comprehensive risk assessment goes beyond internal threats. Consider external factors like visitors, contractors, and delivery personnel who may pose risks. Document these threats within your existing risk assessment methodology, be it HACCP, HARA, or another framework. The key is to demonstrate that you have identified and mitigated all potential threats comprehensively.

It’s important to note that the BRC standards focus solely on product protection, excluding personnel safety from their scope. However, in the real world, safeguarding your employees is equally crucial. Therefore, consider incorporating staff safety into your risk assessment for a more holistic approach.

By following these steps, you can create a robust product defence strategy, fostering a safe and successful business environment.

If you require further guidance, BRC-accredited training courses and consulting services are readily available. Don’t hesitate to seek support in ensuring the safety of your product, premises, brand, and most importantly, your people.

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Thursday, 11 April, 2024

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