Environmental Monitoring In Food Industry

As outlined by GFSI benchmark standards, encompassing industries from catering to packaging, environmental monitoring is integral to food safety management systems. Specifically, requirement FSM 19.3 mandates a risk-based approach for implementing environmental monitoring programmes to reduce food contamination risks.

By proactively identifying potential contamination sources, environmental monitoring empowers food businesses. It acts as a surveillance system, tailoring sampling and testing protocols to water, personnel, processing equipment, and the production environment.

This vigilance is crucial, as illustrated by recent incidents highlighting the importance of robust food safety measures.

The success of any environmental monitoring programme hinges on meticulous planning through comprehensive risk assessments. This, as per GFSI guidelines, considers factors like product type, facility layout, and established risks.

After the assessment, we construct a program that outlines sampling procedures, strategic sampling locations, analytical methods, target analytes with action limits, and monitoring frequency. Regular programme reviews ensure its continuous effectiveness.

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Thursday, 11 April, 2024

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