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Don’t forget your “Audit scope” ref. Clause 3.4.1


“Heads up”, we’re raising a number of BRC audit non-conformances due to missing scope on internal audit reports. Clause 3.4.1 of the BRCGS Food Safety Issue 8 states that, “Each internal audit within the programme shall have a defined scope and consider a specific activity or section of the HACCP or food safety plan.” It’s […]

The Importance Of A HACCP Plan

HACCP level 4 courses

Have you completed your HACCP level 4 courses? Would you like to know more about the importance of HACCP?  Calling all food site managers, members of a food safety team, food laboratory directors, managers, technicians or other – do you have an effective HACCP plan? It is time to get food smart, and truly understand […]