BRCGS position statement F837 Food Safety has been updated

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It’s great to see that BRCGS have acknowledged that section 4.11.8 of the standard (relating to pathogens and spoilage organisms) simply doesn’t apply to a small number of food / beverage manufacturers. This comes up in detailed discussion on every BRCGS Food 9 Lead Auditor course as well as the Environmental Monitoring course I deliver.

The following products are an example of those sites where environmental monitoring can be justified as not required. However, do remember to justify why in your risk assessment!

  • Alcoholic beverages and vinegar’s
  • Salt and sugar in their dry ‘pure’ form
  • Edible oils with no added ingredients
  • Fully enclosed production.
  • Whole vegetables, sold unwashed

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Friday, 15 May, 2020

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