The Best FREE Allergen Course For Your Staff

The Best FREE Allergen Coursefor your Staff   Why doesn’t STC offer a training course specifically on Allergens? Because there is already a fantastic course available to you. And it’s free!      The Food Standards Agency’sfood allergy online training   You can find the course by clicking here: Study the modules and pass […]

BRCGS position statement F837 Food Safety has been updated

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What’s NEW? ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING UPDATE It’s great to see that BRCGS have acknowledged that section 4.11.8 of the standard (relating to pathogens and spoilage organisms) simply doesn’t apply to a small number of food / beverage manufacturers. This comes up in detailed discussion on every BRCGS Food 8 Lead Auditor course as well as the […]

BRCGS publish: Managing Food Safety during Covid-19

Covid 19

WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING? This guide takes us through BRCGS expectations of how a site should be managing food safety and their business during the Covid-19 crisis. This happens to also answer all the questions you may have on how the Risk Assessment process works in order to apply for a 6 month extension […]

We have a winner of the BRCGS Professional Courses!


To see 2019 off with something that would bring some smiles, we decided to run a competition. Why not! The prize: three free BRCGS product safety courses. The task: to tell us why the competition entrant would like to win. The winner: Irma Einoryte-Seleniene, Quality Manager at Alfred G Pearce. We were delighted to receive […]

Don’t forget your “Audit scope” ref. Clause 3.4.1


“Heads up”, we’re raising a number of BRC audit non-conformances due to missing scope on internal audit reports. Clause 3.4.1 of the BRCGS Food Safety Issue 8 states that, “Each internal audit within the programme shall have a defined scope and consider a specific activity or section of the HACCP or food safety plan.” It’s […]

The Importance Of A HACCP Plan

HACCP level 4 courses

Have you completed your HACCP level 4 courses? Would you like to know more about the importance of HACCP?  Calling all food site managers, members of a food safety team, food laboratory directors, managers, technicians or other – do you have an effective HACCP plan? It is time to get food smart, and truly understand […]