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About Us

Cathy Gladwin

Director & Trainer | FIFST
Our mission is to develop people. Coaching, training and guiding people on their journey is what makes the job worth while.
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About Us

Oskar Zaborowski

As a BRCGS ATP, I train Auditors, Consultants and Sites on BRCGS courses such as Lead Auditor and Product Safety Courses.
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Kristy Ozolina

Office Manager
I’m here to look after you, by managing the office here at STC. That involves bringing together scheduling, marketing, bookings and trainers!
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Kristina Kaminskaite-Lucinskiene

Compliance Manager
I manage STC's certification system compliance activities as well as the process of certification.
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Chisala Ngandwe

Technical Manager
I am here to fully support your training needs on all STC and Highfield courses, as well as managing our Certification services.
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Sonia André

Partner BRCGS ATP Trainer FIFST
I am a qualified ISO 9001 QMS & BRCGS V8 Lead Auditor, BRCGS ATP and I deliver STC courses too.
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Eleanor Hayes

Business & Marketing Admin
Bringing you course info, news and offers! Our marketing and course bookings bring you the qualifications you need.
About Us

STC Academy

The STC Academy Helps Food & Packaging Industries Improve Productivity and Achieve BRCGS and GFSI Product Safety Requirements

We’re proud to announce our work with food and packaging industries around the world to achieve, exceed and then maintain their BRCGS and GFSI product safety requirements.

STC Academy has been successfully providing specialist training services since 2015, to help these industries reach their goals. Our customers trust us to deliver results, and this has led to repeat business and excellent reviews.

Our team of trainers and auditors have extensive experience in various food product categories as well as High risk and High care requirements, we’re experienced in auditing and train not only sites, but also auditors and staff at certification bodies. We know and are specialists in, the various applicable standards, so we understand the importance of meeting BRCGS and GFSI product safety requirements. 

We are committed to helping our customers succeed and are proud to be able to provide them with the tools and resources they need to do so. we do this by offering training such as BRCGS Food Safety Lead Auditor and Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt training through our Partners, as well as a variety of other courses including the most enjoyable and beneficial personal development Train the Trainer, Speaking & Presenting Skills course. Our team of BRCGS Approved training Partners (ATP’s), are also Approved Virtual Trainers (AVT’s) and we are a Highfield Approved training centre. Therefore, your training options are comprehensive!

We offer Instructor Led training virtually via Zoom, and also have classroom locations around the UK. There are also eLearning options, for you to complete training in your own time. Contact us at to find what you need, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and we strive to exceed your expectations, because quite honestly, we care!

So more specifically, who are we?

We're Committed!

About Us

STC Academy Mission Statement

We make qualifications affordable.

🌿Regardless of who you are or where you are, qualifications are not just for higher paid roles or for those working for large companies.

🌿We care about everyone getting the training they need and if you’re self-funding, you should still have affordable options.

🌿We make sure that we’re the most competitively priced training provider, while still bringing you the outstanding quality of training you expect.

We develop people.

🌿We believe that everyone has the potential to learn and grow.

🌿We are committed to providing training and development opportunities that help people reach their full potential.

🌿We do this by providing a variety of training courses and are only too pleased to guide you to the qualification you really need, even if it means less income to us.

We support sites.

🌿We work with sites to help them improve their performance.

🌿We do this by helping sites to identify and address their training needs, develop training plans, and implement training programs to support staff development and improve business cultures.

We serve our customers.

🌿Our customers are primarily food and packaging manufacturers, storage & distribution businesses, agents and brokers, certification bodies, consultants and auditors.

🌿We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service.

🌿We do this by understanding their needs, providing them with the training and development they need, and working with them to achieve their goals.

Our core values are defined by the LEAF in our logo.

🌿Learn: We applaud & support lifelong learners & strive to grow.

🌿Effective: We do our absolute best for our customers, colleagues & partners.

🌿Advance: We strive to continuously innovate & improve.

🌿Focus: Our support will benefit the client both now & in the long term.

About Us

Our Vision.

🌿To be the leading provider of training services, of exceptional value.

🌿To make a memorable and positive impact on everyone we interact with.

🌿To help our customers grow and achieve their goals.

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