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Cathy Gladwin

Director & Trainer | FIFST
Our mission is to develop people. Coaching, training and guiding people on their journey is what makes the job worth while.
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Sonia André

Trainer & Consultant | FIFST
I am a Consultant, qualified ISO 9001 QMS & BRCGS V8 Lead Auditor, BRCGS ATP and I deliver STC courses too.
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Kristy Ozolina

Office Manager
I’m here to look after you, by managing the office here at STC. That involves bringing together scheduling, marketing, bookings and trainers!

Stephanie Stannard

Trainer & Mentor
I’m a mentor & trainer for STC, working with the team to support both personal and business growth.

Eleanor Hayes

Business & Marketing Admin
Bringing you course info, news and offers! Our marketing and course bookings bring you the qualifications you need.

Delia Baban

Trainer & Consultant | BRCGS ATP
I provide practical and cost-effective support to sites through Consultation and Training as a Lead Auditor and BRCGS ATP.
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Oskar Zaborowski

Technical Consultant & Trainer BRCGS ATP | MIFST
I am here to support you on your food safety journey; through consultation, auditing & training, as a BRCGS Lead auditor & Professional.
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Victoria Tazzyman

Trainer & Consultant
I'm a BRCGS Lead Auditor, Consultant & Trainer, specialising in food manufacturing, chemistry, meat science & certification compliance.

STC is proud to work with BRCGS ATPs (approved training partners) and we are also providers of a range of STC courses.


You will find that whether you are trained or audited by STC, we are professional yes, but also real people. We know what it’s like to be the course delegate or the auditee and never will you feel intimidated in any way. You may find it unusual for a company’s ABOUT page to focus on our style of working with our clients but this is indeed what we find is most important. It is just this style that brings about the most rewarding results and the ability to manage change and improvement.

So more specifically, who are we?


Sirius Training & Certifications Ltd.

STC are professional auditors & trainers based in Norfolk, with over 25 years’ experience in quality, technical & regulatory functions.

Our online training through Zoom is as close to the classroom experience as possible, cameras and mics on so that we interact, chat, discuss and encourage questions anytime during the course. It only take a few minutes to forget that we're not physically face to face!

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